Hi I’m Mimi Zahara CEO of SlimTrimThin!

SlimTrimThin started about when I wanted to track my personal weight & health performance. I thought to myself the only way I’ll stick to eating healthy and not indulge in any form of processed food was if I was to upload a picture of each meal I ate to my Instagram account! Every meal I then ate was uploaded to my Instagram account. I found that after 28 days eating healthy and less processed foods became a lifestyle instead of a choice.

I know that sounds like a cliche but it’s actually true! It’s so much fun baking your own granola bars because only you know what’s going inside and what ingredients you’re substituting.

Another reason I started to eat more healthier was because of my sudden outburst of Acne! I thought I was breaking out because I wasn’t drinking enough water or had a bad diet! Both scenarios play a major role in the appearance of our skin!

Chill with me as we discover what the flaws are in our reoccurring health problems and uncover solutions by exploring different cultures and traditional spices!

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